Main Business

/ Formation of Public Opinion Business

Center for Free Enterprise contributes to forming the right public opinion on current social issues from the perspective of liberalist market economy.
  • Policy Debate & Seminar : Presents papers written by the experts of various fields on current issues and allows people to freely discuss on the topic.
  • Criticism of the World / Critique of the World / Admonition to the World : Experts’ analyses and suggestions on current issues from political, economic, and social aspects.
  • Voice of the Young : Opinions of young liberalists on current social issues.
  • Current Issues : Experts’ keen analyses on current social issues.
  • Policy Suggestions : Pinpoints the problems of current policies and suggests directions.
  • Policy Thesis : Suggests profound data for current issues and seeks solutions.
  • Media Contribution : Grasps the problem of general social issues and voices out for the right direction.

/ Networking Business

We work on diverse networking businesses to expand the understanding of liberalist market economy of which our main target audience is the college students.
  • Market Economy Columns Contest : Opens a contest for writing market economy columns from the perspective of liberalist market economy.
  • Civil Lectures : Allows the students and the general public to learn and discuss the liberalist market economy in an interesting way.
  • Talk Concert : Allows the audience to listen to the talks of representatives/leaders of current liberalism and freely discuss with them.
  • Liberalism Information : Provides information which summarizes the views of celebrities on liberalism from in and out of the country.
  • Infographics : Provides graphics that summarize major issues at the current period.

/ Market Economy Education Business

We provide diverse education programs that target each population sector of our society to gain access to liberalist market economy.
  • University Market Economy Lectures : Regular college lectures where prominent scholars and CEOs come to provide lectures.
  • Liberalism Lectures : Provides lectures on market economy through online service.
  • Research Discussions and Forums : Research meetings of experts from each field including media, art, liberalism, public choice, CSR, and etc.

/ Research Publication Business

We publish diverse scholarly journals, professional publications, and current books in order to propagate sound liberalist market economy.
  • Liberalism Series : Introduces classic and current publications of great liberalist thinkers from in and out of the country.
  • Monography (Book/Volume/Separate Volume) : Explains the principles of liberalist market economy in an interesting way.
  • Collection : Collection of essays written by students and the general public on liberalism and market economy

/ Monitoring Business

We strive to make sure a market-friendly system settles in our society through diverse surveillance activities.
  • National Assembly Monitoring : Evaluates the legislation of the National Assembly and the parties.
  • National Assembly Legislation Issues : Monitors activities related to legislation and presents assessment and opinion suggestions on the bills.

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